The 4’ Limitless Cuff Chain (small cuff)


48” chain in oxidized sterling silver with single diamond cuff clasp (small cuff)



Expand your possibilities with the 4’ Limitless Cuff Chain. Crafted in textured, oxidized sterling silver with dainty single diamond cuff clasp, this 48” chain has an option (or ten) for everyone. It’s destined to become a wardrobe stable for travel, work, and pretty much everything else. We wear it as a double or triple-looped necklace, seven-wrap bracelet, lariat necklace, and body chain. We attach pendants, other chains, and stone necklaces for color. One of the best ways to start your MIAZ collection, this is a single chain that truly does everything. The unicorn of our collection, it’s the piece you always wished you had, but could never find.

Prefer a bit more length? Contact MIAZ for a custom order.