The 5’ Limitless Double Cuff Chain (large cuffs)


60” oxidized sterling silver chain with double diamond cuff clasps (large cuffs)



Like the big sister of the 4’ Limitless Cuff Chain, the 5’ Limitless Double Cuff Chain has more options and gets in more trouble. Crafted in textured, oxidized sterling silver with see-me-now double diamond cuff clasps in gold, antiqued silver, or one of each. We wear it as a multi-wrap bracelet, wrap necklace, lariat, body chain, belt, and more. The dual cuff clasps allow you to secure the chain while leaving one clasp free to accommodate a pendant. If you’ve ever wanted a chain that does everything, this is the one — it’s destined to be in your jewelry box forever.

Prefer a bit more length? Contact MIAZ for a custom order.