Starbright Wings Necklace


Sterling silver winged star necklace with diamond clasp and partial gold wash.



A striking winged star floats on an oxidized sterling silver chain with diamond clasp on this necklace made from an original WWII piece. The approximately 1.25” pendant is crafted in sterling silver with a gold wash on the wings and center. As unique as it is versatile, it makes a powerful statement when worn alone and is equally striking when layered with the Limitless Chain or other favorite pieces. The winged star evokes a legacy of pride in ceremony while expressing your bold individuality.

The Starbright Necklace is a modern adaptation of an original WWII US Army Air Forces Honor Guard winged star badge. The United States Amy Air Forces (USAAF or AAF) was the aerial warfare service of the United States during and immediately after WWII. It was the successor to the previous US Army Air Corps and the predecessor of the current US Air Force. The Honor Guard’s primary mission is to represent the US Air Force at all public and official ceremonies within the capital and abroad.