Legacy Necklace — 3” WII US Army Air Forces Pilot Badge


3” WWII US Army Air Forces Pilot Badge necklace in sterling silver



As bold as the WWII US Army Air Force pilots who wore them, these wings let you showcase your confidence front and center. Simple, clean, and unmistakably original. A full 3” wide and suspended on a 17” vintage sterling silver chain with a tiny grey pearl drop at the clasp, these wings let the world know that whatever mission you embark upon, you will succeed with strength and determination. Not for the faint of heart, but a perfect signature piece for the few who own the room.

Wear alone with open collared shirt, layer with your other favorites with a T-shirt, and add some edge to your outfit. Even more striking when paired with the Limitless Chain wrapped at choker length and fastened as a lariat.