Legacy Jewelry 
for your modern lifestyle


Made to be Seen

I design a limited number of carefully considered pieces from original materials with my two Legacy lines. The Generations series features necklaces and pendants created from reworked Edwardian and Victorian-era treasures, while the Wings series features original WW2 wings with a new life as bracelets and necklaces. I also create a series of modern chains to complement the Generations and Wings series, so history blends with your modern style while you build your own jewelry legacy. All pieces are highly adaptable and made to be layered, stacked, and connected. Run wild with playful sophistication and know you will be seen wherever you go.


Legacy Generations

Reworked historical treasures for the perfect signature piece.

Modern Legacy

Classic chains with diamond clasps and bright stones offer limitless options.

Legacy Wings

WW2 wings take flight in a series of bracelets with a backstory.

Wear History.
Declare Your Legacy.

Designed for the bold and self-assured, the Legacy line combines my passion for antique craftsmanship with a desire to bring history into modern style. I pair heirloom-quality treasures with contemporary designs to create versatile looks for jewelry renegades who want to be seen.


French Theft Lingerie  |  59 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos


March 16  |  French Theft Lingerie  |  Design on Trend Pop Up

May 18  |  Los Gatos Old Town  |  Maker's Market

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